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Kate Middleton Faces Major Setback Amid Prince William’s Scotland Plan

Kate Middleton has encountered another setback as Prince William and other members of the royal family prepare to travel to Scotland for the annual Holyrood Week celebrations.

This event, also known as Royal Week, holds significant traditional and ceremonial importance for the royals.

According to discussions on GB News, the royals are scheduled to participate in various events in Edinburgh, including the traditional ceremony of the keys and a ceremony at Saint Giles Cathedral.

However, it’s uncertain whether Princess Kate will be able to join them due to her ongoing chemotherapy treatments.

Speaking on the potential attendance of Princess Kate, Cameron from GB News mentioned, “We’re not sure about the Princess of Wales yet, but it’s getting very close to the traditional summer break, where they will go up to Balmoral Castle.”

This year marks a notable occasion as members of the public have the opportunity to visit Balmoral estate and explore the historic castle for the first time.

Despite the anticipated festivities, concerns over King Charles’ health, as he undergoes cancer treatment, may affect the duration of his stay during Holyrood Week.

Royal commentator Cameron Walker speculated on the potential impact of King Charles’ health on the proceedings, suggesting that if he is well enough to travel, the traditional trip might be abbreviated.

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There is also discussion about the monarch’s ability to return to London to appoint Britain’s new Prime Minister following the election, depending on his health.

As the royal family prepares for these significant events, Kate Middleton’s absence underscores the challenges she faces while undergoing medical treatment.

Her resilience and the support from the royal family and the public remain crucial during this time of health focus.