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Kate Middleton Faces New Stresses and Dangers After Trooping the Colour Attendance

Kate Middleton’s decision to attend the Trooping the Colour has sparked concerns among experts, who warn that it could bring more harm than good.

By attending the event, she has effectively set a dangerous hope for the future that she will have to confront.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser shared these concerns in her piece for

She wrote, “We are, this week, entering a new chapter in the tragi-drama that has been 2024 for Kate, a chapter that could bring with it a whole new slew of pressures, problems, and the need for an occasional cooling brow washcloth.”

Elser pointed out that it has been a week since the princess’ “big ta-da moment” when she attended the Trooping the Colour, marking her first official engagement in six months.

Despite this, the princess herself acknowledged that she’s not out of the woods yet. “The phase we are entering, I’m not sure it’s going to be, by any stretch of the imagination, an easy one for her,” Elser noted.

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The primary concern is that Kate’s return to public engagements has set in motion something potentially very dangerous.

“What the princess’ Trooping return has set in motion is something potentially very dangerous – she has given the public and the palace hope,” Elser warned.

“She has opened the door, a crack, to her full-powered, one-day return, and with that could come a whole new set of stresses and decisions she will have to face.”

As Kate navigates this new chapter, the pressures and challenges she encounters will undoubtedly shape her role within the royal family and her future engagements.