Kate Middleton Supports George and Charlotte’s New Passion Amid Cancer Treatment

Kate Middleton and Prince William, known for their love of sports, are now nurturing the adventurous spirit in their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The young royals have embarked on a new and daring hobby: sailing.

Despite undergoing cancer treatment, the Princess of Wales is determined to maintain a sense of normalcy and support her children’s interests.

George, 10, and Charlotte, 9, have been frequently seen taking sailing lessons at a local club near their family home in Sandringham.

A villager connected to a sailing club in Norfolk shared with the Mail on Sunday that it’s not uncommon to spot Kate Middleton bringing her two eldest children for their lessons.

“I have seen Kate bringing George and Charlotte here for lessons. You often see their car arrive,” the villager revealed.

“Someone takes them out so that they can learn the ropes, while Kate stays on shore. She waits in the club and sits on the balcony. She likes reading and sunbathing.”

The local villager also mentioned that Prince William occasionally joins them, keeping a watchful eye on his children’s progress.

“Sometimes William is here as well, keeping an eye out and watching their boat coming back. It is great that they have a chance to do normal things,” the villager added.

This new hobby is more than just a pastime for the young royals; it is a way for them to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

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Both William and Kate have a deep affinity for water sports. Kate, who is the patron of the sailing charity 1851 Trust, took up sailing as a child and worked as a deckhand on luxury yachts in the Solent during her gap year.

William also learned to sail from a young age, and the competitive couple have even raced against each other in the past.

As Prince George and Princess Charlotte embrace this new passion, they are not only exploring the joys of sailing but also building a strong connection to a beloved family tradition.

Despite the challenges the family is currently facing, the Princess of Wales is ensuring that her children continue to engage in activities that bring them happiness and a sense of normalcy.

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