Kate Middleton’s Health Struggles Reportedly Cause Drastic Physical Changes and Emotional Distress

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, is reportedly facing significant changes in her physical appearance due to ongoing ‘preventative chemotherapy’ treatments for an undisclosed form of cancer, leaving her emotionally devastated.

According to a report by Globe, Kate has experienced substantial weight loss and hair loss as a result of the treatment.

A palace courtier described her current state, saying, “Kate was very thin before — and the chemo’s likely left her looking skeletal.”

The courtier further elaborated on the impact of the treatment on Kate’s hair, which has always been considered her “crowning glory.”

They noted, “Her hair is her crowning glory, but word is it was falling out in clumps and by now she may be totally bald.”

Additionally, the treatment may have induced an “early menopause,” which is especially heartbreaking for Kate, who is known for her love of children.

Despite having three children — George, Charlotte, and Louis — the insider revealed that Kate never ruled out the possibility of having more, even though “William was dead set against it!”

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Despite her current challenges, the courtier praised Kate’s resilience, saying, “Despite everything Kate is enduring, she is a true Warrior Princess and we believe she would still make public appearances if she were able.”

They added, “She’d want to be an example of what happens to someone undergoing debilitating chemo and could be an inspiration for others.”

Kate’s determination and strength continue to be a source of inspiration for many, as she navigates this difficult period with grace and courage.

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