Prince Harry Issued First Public Statement After Kate Middleton Leaves Him in Tears

Prince Harry has broken his silence with a heartfelt public statement, marking his first since the emotional appearance of Princess Kate Middleton at Trooping the Colour reportedly left him deeply moved.

Recent reports suggested that Prince Harry was visibly emotional seeing Kate Middleton back on the balcony during Trooping the Colour, with sources indicating he was “so relieved” by her presence.

However, the future queen’s candid admission that she is “not out of the woods yet” regarding her health reportedly struck a chord with Prince Harry.

In response, Prince Harry has now released a statement on his and Meghan Markle’s website. The statement coincides with Armed Forces Day, where Prince Harry participated in a recorded conversation with Nikki Scott, founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

During the conversation, Prince Harry expressed his admiration for Nikki’s impactful work, stating, “What you’ve done is incredible. It is truly inspirational.

I’m really honoured and privileged to be part of Scotty’s now and I really look forward to us doing everything we can to bring in more people, more interest, raise more funds and be able to get the message out there to get more kids the support they so desperately need.”

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Prince Harry currently serves as Global Ambassador for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, an organization dedicated to supporting children who have lost a parent serving in the British Armed Forces.

His public statement not only highlights his ongoing commitment to charitable causes but also serves as a poignant moment amid recent personal and family developments.

As Prince Harry continues to navigate through various challenges, his dedication to supporting vulnerable children through Scotty’s Little Soldiers remains a steadfast priority.