Princess Catherine

Speculation Surrounds Kate Middleton’s Alleged Trip to the US for Cancer Treatment

Wild rumors have emerged suggesting that Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has flown to the United States for cancer treatment, mirroring a move similar to her brother-in-law Prince Harry’s relocation.

Earlier this year, Kate was diagnosed with cancer following a major abdominal surgery. Since then, she has not been spotted in public in the UK, leading to speculation about her whereabouts.

Among the myriad of theories circulating, one proposes that Kate’s absence from the UK indicates her presence in the US for cancer treatment.

Despite her statement regarding undergoing preventative chemotherapy and Kensington Palace’s indication of no set return date due to treatment, internet speculation persists.

Adding fuel to the conjecture, TikToker Amanda Matta referenced a Reddit post suggesting that Kate recently stayed at The St. Regis Houston.

The post, purportedly from an eyewitness, claimed, “Was visiting friends at the St. Regis this weekend and they had spoken of her being at the hotel.”

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Matta commented on the post, expressing support for the theory and hoping for the best outcome for the royal family.

However, it’s crucial to note that no official confirmation has been provided by the Palace or Kate Middleton herself regarding the rumors of her receiving cancer treatment in the United States.

As such, these speculations remain just that—speculations—until confirmed otherwise.