Kate Middleton and Prince William Outshine Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Epic Battle

Prince William and Kate Middleton have outshined Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the ongoing royal battle for the spotlight.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have been praised for ‘making a difference’ in stark contrast to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

As the royal family’s public appearances increase following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the transition of King Charles III to the throne, the Sussexes have managed to keep themselves in the media spotlight.

However, William and Kate have garnered massive applause for their people-friendly activities, drawing a stark comparison to the “show offs” Harry and Meghan ahead of a new documentary.

The future King will captivate audiences in a new ITV program focused on his long-term advocacy for tackling homelessness in the UK.

Speaking to GB News, royal biographer Angela Levin noted that William has been “very busy” with his work through the Homewards charity, driven by the influence of his mother, Princess Diana.

“We mustn’t forget that in 2009, he slept out in the street to see for himself what it was like. And he also helps people who are selling the Big Issue magazine.

He wants to do this so badly because of his mother. She took them to see people who were homeless,” Levin explained.

Levin also mentioned that William is keen to involve his children in charitable work and has donated money from his and Princess Kate’s foundation to support causes addressing homelessness.

Host Isabel Webster compared William’s upcoming documentary to the work of the California-based couple, suggesting that it is “what they should have done” when creating their series.

Isabel told GB News, “This is an example of what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should have done when making a TV documentary, going behind the scenes and doing something noble and worthwhile rather than complaining.”

Levin concurred, adding, “That’s what they’re doing, they’re doing everything they can in so many different ways to help the country and people who need help.

Unfortunately, Harry and Meghan do everything that will help them and give them money. They’re fantastically interested in money and not actual people.”

Levin shared her insights on Harry and Meghan, stating, “When I went around with Harry when I was doing his biography, he was marvelous with ex-military people, wonderful with them.

But Meghan is very awkward. She’s not used to talking to people like that, and I don’t think she wants to.”

“Their idea is to show off and be wonderful, whereas William and Catherine’s is to help,” she added.

Levin also praised Prince William’s recent appearance at England’s latest football match against Switzerland in the Euro’s tournament, highlighting how he “allows himself to be normal.”

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She told Eamonn and Isabel, “Seeing him at the football was wonderful because there you see someone full of life, full of enthusiasm, he was chewing his fingers, gritting his teeth.”

“You see a man who is actually natural and himself but can become very dignified as heir to the throne and looking after this amazing country.

He cares about England, and he allows himself to be normal and to do these things that are really important to him.”

The narrative highlights the contrasting public perceptions of the two couples, with William and Kate celebrated for their dedication to meaningful causes and Harry and Meghan often criticized for their approach to public life.