Kate Middleton Earns Praise for Incredible Support at Wimbledon

In 2023, the Princess of Wales, accompanied by her two eldest children, graced the Wimbledon final with her presence, earning widespread praise for her incredible support.

A touching testament to her kindness and dedication emerged from the words of Tunisian tennis star Ons Jabeur, who revealed the profound impact of Princess Kate’s support during last year’s Wimbledon.

Ons Jabeur, set to return to Wimbledon this week with aspirations to become the first African and Arab to win a Grand Slam title, reflected on the Princess’s unwavering support during a particularly challenging moment.

Last year, Jabeur’s heartfelt speech following her defeat to Marketa Vondrousova in the women’s finals captured global attention, including that of the Princess of Wales.

Jabeur described the loss as the “most painful of my career,” but found solace in Princess Kate’s presence. “She was really the nicest,” Jabeur shared.

“She has watched me twice, losing the final twice. She kept asking me if she could hug me, and I was like, ‘Who doesn’t want a hug from a Princess, you know?’ For me, it was such an amazing moment. And not just that, I felt her kindness and energy around me.”

The tennis star also expressed her concern for Princess Kate, who disclosed her cancer diagnosis in March this year. “I really wish her a speedy recovery. I know she’s going through a tough time,” Jabeur said.

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“She’s been there when I was struggling, and I hope I can really send my energy there for her. She’s such a nice person, and I wish her all the best.”

In her conversation with Hello, Jabeur continued to praise Princess Kate’s support.

“Honestly, it’s an honour. I always try to behave in the nicest way on the court. Sometimes, you know, tennis players, we can go crazy. But having her support, I think, gives me extra motivation to really play good. Honestly, one of the reasons I wanted to win last year was because she was there and she was really supporting me.”

Currently, Princess Kate has stepped back from royal duties due to her chemotherapy treatment.

As a result, her annual appearance at Wimbledon remains uncertain, leaving fans and players alike hopeful for her speedy recovery and return.