Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s Alleged Role in Prince Harry’s Exclusion Order Against David Beckham

Recent claims have surfaced suggesting Meghan Markle played a pivotal role in an alleged exclusion order issued by Prince Harry against David Beckham, shedding new light on tensions within royal circles.

Insights into this reported snub, purportedly occurring during the Invictus Games, were detailed by Tom Bower in his book The House of Beckham: Money, S* and Power*.

According to Bower’s account, Beckham arrived at the Invictus Games stadium expecting to meet Prince Harry, only to find himself kept at a distance by officials.

“Beckham found himself alone at the Invictus Games stadium,” Bower wrote.

“Arriving on the agreed day to meet Prince Harry, he was perplexed [as to] why officials were playing a dance to keep him happy, but away from Harry.”

Bower further described the situation, noting that “photographs of the two together were forbidden” and that Beckham felt the “royal snub was brutal.”

Adding fuel to the speculation, Bower claimed that “the exclusion order, it later transpired, was issued by Meghan.”

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He suggested Meghan’s alleged motive was to avoid media competition, particularly from Beckham and his wife Victoria.

The revelations have sparked controversy and raised questions about the dynamics within the royal family, as well as Meghan’s influence over Prince Harry’s decisions.

Neither Meghan Markle nor Prince Harry have publicly commented on these claims, and representatives for David Beckham have not responded to requests for comment.

As the story continues to develop, it underscores the ongoing interest and scrutiny surrounding the relationships and decisions within the British royal family.