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Meghan Markle’s Make or Break $100 Million Netflix Show Deal

Meghan Markle should hope that her Netflix show does wonders, or else she and Harry risk losing their $100 million deal with the streaming giant.

According to the Daily Beast, the Duchess of Sussex has wrapped up the filming of her unnamed cooking series, which aims to “celebrate the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship,” for Netflix.

“It all went well, and it is in the can,” a source told the outlet, signaling that the production phase has been completed successfully.

This cooking show is a significant component of Meghan and Harry’s ambitious $100 million five-year deal with Netflix, a crucial aspect of their financial strategy since stepping back from royal duties.

However, the show is yet to receive an official title or an airing date. Concerns are already mounting about whether the couple’s lucrative Netflix deal will be renewed when it expires in 2025.

Sky News host Rita Panahi highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the project, stating, “Meghan Markle has just wrapped up filming on a new cooking and home show for Netflix, a show which has yet to receive a formal title or air date, as part of the Sussexes’ $100m deal and was filmed at a property near their Montecito mansion in Los Angeles.”

Panahi was less optimistic about the show’s prospects, adding, “It’s apparently going to focus on the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship – and I’ve gotta say, it sounds bloody awful.”

Beyond the content of the show, there are broader financial implications at play. PR consultant and royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams warned that the couple could face significant financial difficulties if Netflix decides not to renew their contract.

Fitzwilliams explained, “If they lost this contract, with Archewell, their business and charitable foundation, having so few donors, they might well be in financial trouble.

Since their exposés of royal life have made megabucks, but little else has made money, the Royal Family better hope that this unpredictable and ruthlessly ambitious couple stays with Netflix,” he told Mirror.

The completion of the cooking show marks a critical milestone for Meghan Markle, but the pressure is on for the series to succeed.

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The Sussexes’ financial security heavily relies on the success of their Netflix projects, given the substantial investment and expectations tied to their deal.

As the release date for the cooking show remains unconfirmed, the future of their Netflix partnership hangs in the balance, with both supporters and critics watching closely.

The stakes are high for Meghan and Harry, as the outcome of this series could significantly impact their financial stability and their ongoing projects with Archewell, their charitable foundation.

The couple’s next steps in their Netflix journey will be pivotal in shaping their future, making this an essential chapter in their post-royal life.