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Prince Harry Reportedly Felt “Outsider” Amid Kate Middleton’s Snub

Recent reports suggest that Prince Harry reportedly felt “Outsider” amid Kate Middleton’s snub and he is taking decisive action to assert his place within his family, particularly in response to feeling sidelined by Kate Middleton.

According to an insider close to Closer magazine, Harry is adamant about not being pushed to the margins and is prepared to take matters into his own hands to address ongoing familial tensions.

The insider revealed, “He can’t believe it’s come to this and he’s now saying he’s going to fly over and force them to face him.” This statement highlights Harry’s frustration and determination to confront the issues head-on.

The source further emphasized Harry’s resolve, stating, “At the end of the day, he’s still a prince and they’re still his family. Whether they like it or not, he’s refusing to just be cast aside.”

Describing the situation as desperate, the insider noted that Harry believes extreme circumstances require extreme measures. “He’s now planning to force the issue and just show up. If they won’t come to him, he’ll go to them.”

This revelation comes on the heels of Kate Middleton’s recent return to the public eye at the Trooping the Colour event.

Past reports indicate that Harry has not been kept informed about updates regarding Kate, including her recent cancer diagnosis, and has not met with her since the diagnosis became public.

This lack of communication underscores the ongoing tensions within the royal family and Harry’s resolve to address them directly.

Harry’s strained relationship with the royal family has been well-documented, especially following his and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their roles as senior royals in 2020.

The couple’s subsequent move to the United States, coupled with several public statements and interviews criticizing the royal institution, has further widened the rift.

The tensions were most publicly highlighted during Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, where they discussed their struggles within the royal family and the lack of support they felt.

Since then, the couple has continued to speak out, including in their Netflix docuseries and Harry’s memoir “Spare.”

The latest reports about Harry’s feelings of being an outsider and his determination to confront his family suggest that the wounds are far from healed.

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His insistence on being seen and heard by his family indicates a deep desire to resolve these issues, despite the formidable obstacles.

Kate Middleton’s public appearances and responsibilities have continued amidst these familial tensions. Her return to events like Trooping the Colour signifies her ongoing role and commitment to her duties, even as the family navigates these personal challenges.

The royal family’s dynamics are complex, shaped by tradition, public expectations, and personal relationships. Harry’s proactive stance may be seen as an attempt to bridge the gap and find a resolution, albeit through direct and potentially confrontational means.

In conclusion, Prince Harry’s reported feelings of being an outsider within his own family and his determination to address these issues head on.