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Piers Morgan Suggests New Title for Prince Harry Following Latest Award

Former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has finally reacted to Prince Harry’s nomination for the prestigious Pat Tillman Award for Service, igniting a firestorm of controversy.

In his column for the New York Post, Morgan did not mince words, drawing a stark comparison between the late Pat Tillman, a revered American hero, and Prince Harry, whom he described as a “royal traitor.”

“Pat Tillman is an American hero,” Morgan began, highlighting Tillman’s sacrifice and dedication. Tillman, a former NFL player, famously left his professional sports career to enlist in the Army following the September 11 attacks.

His commitment and ultimate sacrifice for his country have made him a symbol of patriotism and selflessness.

Morgan contrasted this with Prince Harry’s journey, painting a much less flattering picture. “A man who gave up serving his country to serve himself,” Morgan said of the Duke of Sussex.

The broadcaster’s critique stemmed from Harry’s decision to step back from his royal duties and relocate to California with his wife, Meghan Markle. Morgan views this move as a betrayal of Harry’s duty to the British public and the royal family.

The broadcaster’s critique did not stop there. He continued to lambaste Prince Harry, stating, “A man who so little understood the meaning of the word ‘duty’ that he swapped his job working for the public as a member of the British Royal Family for life in California as a greedy, money-grabbing celebrity trading off royal titles he does nothing to earn.”

Morgan’s scathing remarks reflect his belief that Harry abandoned his responsibilities for a more lucrative and self-serving lifestyle.

Morgan elaborated on the differences between Tillman and Harry, emphasizing their divergent paths.

He noted, “Tillman’s inner voice led him to become a patriotic hero, while Prince Harry’s inner voice led him to become a traitor.”

This stark juxtaposition underscores Morgan’s view that Harry’s choices have been driven by self-interest rather than a sense of duty or service.

In a particularly pointed comment, Morgan declared, “Pat Tillman will be turning in his grave at this dishonoring of his name.”

This remark underscores Morgan’s belief that awarding Prince Harry with the Pat Tillman Award for Service is an affront to Tillman’s legacy and the values he stood for.

The Pat Tillman Award for Service is intended to recognize individuals who exemplify courage, perseverance, and a commitment to service.

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During this year’s ESPYS, ESPN will honor Prince Harry with this award. The decision has sparked significant debate, with Morgan’s comments adding fuel to the fire.

Morgan’s column reflects broader sentiments held by some who view Harry’s actions as a departure from his royal duties and a betrayal of the principles associated with the royal family.

Critics argue that Harry’s new life in California, which includes various media deals and public appearances, contrasts sharply with the expectations of his former role.

Piers Morgan’s reaction to Prince Harry’s nomination for the Pat Tillman Award for Service has added a controversial layer to the ongoing discussions about Harry’s role and legacy.

By drawing a stark contrast between Pat Tillman’s sacrifice and Prince Harry’s choices, Morgan has highlighted the divisive opinions surrounding Harry’s new life and the implications of honoring him with an award named after a true American hero.

As the ESPY Awards approach, this debate is likely to continue, reflecting broader questions about duty, service, and the evolving role of the modern royal family.