Prince William Takes Control of Kate Middleton’s Decision for Wimbledon Appearance

Prince William has taken control of Kate Middleton’s decision to make a much-awaited appearance at Wimbledon 2024, according to former royal butler Paul Burrell.

In an exclusive conversation with Closer Magazine, Burrell revealed that Catherine, the Princess of Wales, “loves” tennis and would love to attend the tournament finals.

However, Prince William is “fiercely” protective of her and will ultimately decide if she is fit enough to appear.

“The Prince of Wales knows the world will want to see her, but the future King of England will decide whether she’s fit enough to make an appearance at Wimbledon,” Burrell stated.

“William controls this household, and William will decide whether she’s well enough to do this because he’s the one that protects the family—fiercely.”

Burrell added, “There’s no way he’s going to subject Kate to intrusion that she can’t handle. He’s so fiercely protective.”

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It’s important to note that Princess Kate has been undergoing preventative chemotherapy following her cancer diagnosis in March.

Given this, the presence of the future Queen of England at this year’s tennis championship seemed unlikely.

However, Burrell emphasized that Kate “trusts William implicitly, and he has the final say” about her next big public appearance.

As fans eagerly await the potential appearance of Kate Middleton at Wimbledon, the royal family’s decisions continue to reflect their commitment to protecting one another amidst challenging times.