Prince George

Prince George Could Faces Strict Royal Ban in the Year 2025

Prince George, the 10-year-old eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is set to undergo a significant royal protocol change next year when he turns 11 on July 22.

This milestone marks the beginning of preparations for a strict rule that will come into effect once he reaches the age of 12.

According to insights shared by Graham Laurie, King Charles’s former pilot, Prince George will have to adhere to a protocol similar to that of his father, Prince William, when he turned 12 in 1994.

Specifically, this protocol involves separate travel arrangements, requiring Prince George to travel alone in a different plane.

Laurie elaborated on the historical precedent, stating, “We flew all four: the Prince, the Princess, Prince William, and Prince Harry, up until Prince William was 12 years old.

After that, he had to have a separate aircraft, and we could only fly all four together when they were young with the written permission of Her Majesty.”

Detailing the transition in travel logistics, Laurie recalled, “When William became 12, he would fly normally in a 125 from Northolt, and we would fly the 146 out with the other three on.”

This protocol underscores the strict security measures and operational procedures observed within the royal family, ensuring the safety and protocol adherence of its members, particularly those in direct line to the throne.

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As Prince George approaches this pivotal age, preparations for his solo travel arrangements reflect the ongoing traditions and adjustments within royal protocol.

With Prince George currently second in line to the throne, following his father Prince William, and his sister Charlotte third, these protocols serve to safeguard their well-being while maintaining the integrity of their royal responsibilities and public engagements.

As the countdown begins towards this significant royal milestone in 2025, the focus remains on Prince George’s upbringing and preparation for his future role within the royal family, guided by longstanding traditions and protocols established over generations.