Ukraine war map today, as of May. 11

Ukraine war map today, as of May. 11

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

In Bakhmut, there is fierce fighting but again no significant changes in the western part. To the west around the O0506 near Khromove, Ukrainian forces has enlarged the buffer zone again.

South of Bakhmut in west of Stupochky, the Armed Forces of Ukraine has completely cleared the area west of the SD canal from Russian presence.

Near Avdiivka, it is clear that Kam’yanka northeast of the city has recently come under Russian control. Fighting continues also south of Avdiivka. Russian forces failed to recapture recently lost positions near Opytne from Ukrainian forces in a serie of attacks.

General Updates:

Czech President Petr Pavel said that his government is transferring two batteries of the Kub air defense system with a “quite a large” number of missiles to them to Ukraine.

China will react strongly to any sanctions imposed on its companies by the EU for the supply of dual-purpose goods to Russia, said the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Qin Gang.

The United States has no plans to send long-range missiles to Ukraine, unlike The UK that is planning to do so. Politico writes. The US considers this problem solved thanks to the planned supply from the UK.

The French Parliament voted unanimously in favor of a resolution declaring Wagner PMC a terrorist organization. The resolution notes the crimes of the mercenary group not only in Ukraine, but also in Mali.

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