Apple Plans Enhanced AI Performance in iPhone 16 Series with Upgraded Hardware

In an ambitious move to stay ahead in the tech race, Apple is gearing up to equip its upcoming iPhone 16 series with enhanced hardware designed to boost artificial intelligence (AI) performance. Reports indicate that the successors to the iPhone 15 lineup, expected in the second half of 2024, will feature an upgraded processor, aligning with the release of iOS 18.

According to an Economic Daily News report, Apple plans to enhance its anticipated A18 chips, which are slated for the iPhone 16 series, with an improved Neural Engine. The next-generation M4 chips are also expected to integrate a new Neural Engine with a “significantly” increased number of cores compared to their predecessors.

The current iPhone 15 models boast a Neural Engine with 16 cores, a trend maintained since the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 series. The addition of more cores in the A18 chips could be a key factor in unlocking advanced AI features, some of which are rumored to be exclusive to the iPhone 16 series, with limitations on older models.

Apple has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing Neural Engine performance, evident in the progression from the 8-core Neural Engine in the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS models to the 16-core version in recent iterations. However, the speculated increase in core count may signify a substantial leap in AI capabilities for the iPhone 16 series.

The move aligns with Apple’s broader strategy, as it aims to leverage AI advancements to differentiate its smartphones in an increasingly competitive market. Analysts anticipate that the iOS 18 update, coupled with the enhanced AI features, will serve as a compelling factor in driving sales for Apple’s next-generation devices.

As the tech giant continues to innovate in the realm of artificial intelligence, the unveiling of the iPhone 16 series promises not only upgraded hardware but a new frontier in AI-powered functionalities that will likely shape the future of mobile technology.

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