Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers Reach Divorce Settlement After Three Year Separation

Picture Source: Shutterstock

Armie Hammer and his estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, have reportedly reached a settlement in their divorce proceedings, bringing an end to their separation that began three years ago. According to documents obtained by Us Weekly, the former couple came to an agreement on June 20th concerning their property, child custody, and spousal support.

The documents state, “The parties have entered into a written agreement regarding their property and their marriage or domestic partnership rights, including support, the original of which is being or has been submitted to the court.” The exes are now seeking the court’s approval for the agreement, and once a judge signs off on the documents, their divorce will be finalized.

Armie Hammer, known for his role in the film “Call Me By Your Name,” and Elizabeth Chambers, a TV personality, share two children together, eight-year-old daughter Harper and six-year-old son Ford. They officially announced their separation in July 2020 after a decade of marriage but expressed their commitment to co-parenting and maintaining a strong friendship.

In the following year, Hammer faced serious allegations of sexual assault by multiple women, including an accusation of rape in 2017. However, last month, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that it would not be pursuing sexual assault charges against him after a thorough two-year investigation.

Tiffiny Blacknell, the Director of Communications for DA George Gascon, stated, “Sexual assault cases are often difficult to prove, which is why we assign our most experienced prosecutors to review them. In this case, those prosecutors conducted an extremely thorough review but determined that at this time, there is insufficient evidence to charge Mr. Hammer with a crime.” The statement emphasized the ethical responsibility of the DA’s office to only issue charges when there is strong evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hammer expressed his gratitude towards the Los Angeles DA for the investigation’s thoroughness, maintaining his stance that he had not committed any crimes. He shared his relief on social media, stating, “I look forward to beginning what will be a long, difficult process of putting my life together now that my name is cleared.”

Elizabeth Chambers, on the other hand, initially expressed shock, heartbreak, and devastation over the abuse allegations against her ex-husband. She acknowledged her willingness to listen and educate herself on such delicate matters. However, in September 2022, Chambers revealed that she and Hammer were in a “great place” despite the allegations. They maintained constant communication, prioritizing their children’s well-being and co-parenting. Chambers also acknowledged Hammer’s commitment to personal growth and healing, emphasizing the importance of self-care.

Chambers made it clear that she stood in solidarity with victims and considered herself a feminist, expressing her hope for their healing. She acknowledged the difficulties she had faced in her personal life, stating, “I’m not being here, like, ‘My life is amazing,’ because it’s been hell for a long time.”

While Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers have settled their divorce, their journey towards healing and personal growth continues. With their focus on co-parenting their children and supporting one another’s individual journeys, they aim to provide the best environment for their family moving forward.