Boxing Champion Gervonta Davis Arrested, Faces Jail Time After Plea Deal

Renowned professional boxer Gervonta Davis, with an undefeated record of 29-0, has found himself in legal trouble once again. The 28-year-old athlete was booked at Baltimore Central Booking on Thursday afternoon, as confirmed by the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office. This development comes just weeks after Davis struck a plea deal with prosecutors, aiming to avoid jail time for his involvement in a November 2020 incident. However, a recent turn of events has led to the imposition of a jail sentence, interrupting Davis’ celebrated boxing career.

The November Incident and Plea Deal: The incident in question occurred when Davis allegedly ran a red light and collided with a Toyota. Prosecutors claimed that the woman in the Toyota was pregnant and accused Davis of fleeing the scene without providing assistance. In an effort to resolve the matter outside of court, Davis entered into a plea deal with prosecutors. This agreement was intended to spare him from jail time.

House Arrest and Community Service: On May 5, Davis was sentenced to 90 days of house arrest and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service. This sentence was seen as a relatively lenient punishment considering the seriousness of the charges. It was believed that Davis would be able to serve his sentence at home, allowing him to continue training and preparing for his upcoming boxing matches.

Jail Sentence Imposed: However, the recent turn of events has disrupted Davis’ plans. Despite the previously agreed-upon house arrest, an impromptu hearing led to his custody at Baltimore Central Booking. The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office has not disclosed further details regarding the nature of the hearing or the reasons behind Davis’ arrest. Davis’ attorney confirmed that his client will now serve the remainder of his 90-day sentence in jail, altering the initial terms of the plea deal.

Impact on Davis’ Boxing Career: The legal issues Davis faces come at a crucial time in his boxing career. His recent victory over Ryan Garcia, a 7th-round TKO, showcased his talent and solidified his reputation as a rising star in the sport. However, with this setback, Davis will have to put his boxing ambitions on hold temporarily. Serving time in jail will undoubtedly impede his ability to train, compete, and take advantage of lucrative opportunities in the boxing world.

Conclusion: Gervonta Davis, a highly skilled and undefeated professional boxer, has been taken into custody and will serve the remaining days of his 90-day sentence in jail. This development follows an incident from November 2020 and the subsequent plea deal that aimed to keep him out of jail. Unfortunately, Davis’ plans to continue his boxing career have been interrupted, leaving both fans and the boxing community curious about his future. Only time will tell how this setback will impact Davis’ journey in the world of professional boxing.

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