Crypto Analysts Miss the Mark: Failed Bitcoin Price Predictions in May

Picture Source: beincrypto

The world of cryptocurrency remains a challenging realm to navigate, as its volatility and occasional detachment from broader economic trends make accurate predictions a formidable task. In May, two prominent crypto analysts, @Negentropic and @TheMoonCarl, found their forecasts for the crypto market, particularly Bitcoin (BTC) price, fall short of reality. Let’s delve into the details of their predictions and subsequent outcomes.

Negentropic’s Unmaterialized Bullish Move:

On May 17, renowned on-chain crypto analyst @Negentropic posited that a bullish movement was on the horizon for the Bitcoin price. Citing the decrease in shorts, simultaneous increase in longs, and a rising open interest amidst a price dip, the analyst anticipated an imminent surge. The conventional wisdom suggests that an upswing or downturn often follows a consolidation period with an increasing open interest.

Despite the logical reasoning behind this prediction, the expected increase failed to materialize. Instead, a minor decline occurred shortly after the forecast, followed by a slight upward movement. As of the time of writing, the Bitcoin price stands at the same level as it did on May 17. While open interest continues to gradually rise, the anticipated move has yet to manifest.

TheMoonCarl’s Descending Triangle Dilemma:

Another prominent crypto analyst, @TheMoonCarl, shared a chart illustrating a descending triangle pattern in the Bitcoin price chart. The descending triangle is widely regarded as a bearish formation, suggesting a potential downtrend. Though @TheMoonCarl did not specify a target, a breakdown from this pattern could have led to a low of $22,600.

Contrary to expectations, the Bitcoin price did not breach the triangle’s lower boundary (red circle). Instead, it formed a long lower wick, indicating a rebound. Subsequent to another unsuccessful breakdown attempt (green circle), the price managed to reclaim the triangle’s support line and advanced towards its resistance line (red icon).

However, it’s important to note that the descending triangle is not yet invalidated. Following the rejection from the resistance line, the price is once again approaching the support line, leaving the possibility of a breakdown intact. Should such a breakdown occur, reaching the entire height of the triangle would lead to lows around $22,600. On the flip side, a breakout from the triangle’s resistance line would invalidate the bearish price projection and potentially drive the price upward to $29,600.


The unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market poses significant challenges to even the most seasoned analysts. In May, @Negentropic and @TheMoonCarl found their predictions regarding Bitcoin price movements to be inaccurate. While @Negentropic’s projected bullish move failed to materialize, @TheMoonCarl’s descending triangle pattern faced a setback as the price rebounded and approached the resistance line. As the crypto market continues to chart its own course, analysts and investors must remain vigilant, adapting their strategies to the ever-changing landscape of digital assets.

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