Jason David Frank’s Karate School Faces Lawsuit Over Unpaid Rent

Picture Source: TMZ

The legacy of the late “Power Rangers” star, Jason David Frank, continues to make headlines, but this time it’s not for his heroic on-screen exploits. Jason’s karate school, Rising Sun Karate, located in Valencia, CA, is now embroiled in a legal battle with the Valencia Marketplace, the shopping mall where the dojo has been operating for many years. The lawsuit alleges that Rising Sun Karate has fallen significantly behind in rent payments since Jason’s tragic passing. As the legal proceedings unfold, the future of the beloved martial arts school hangs in the balance.

Unpaid Rent and Legal Action:

Rising Sun Karate, under Jason David Frank’s ownership, ceased paying rent in November and December of 2022. It was during this period that the world mourned the loss of the iconic Power Ranger, who tragically died by suicide on November 19, 2022. Valencia Marketplace claims to have served the karate school a written notice of the outstanding balance in March, but unfortunately, the payment was never made.

The Lawsuit and Seeking Compensation:

Valencia Marketplace has now taken legal action against Rising Sun Karate, seeking a staggering $47,347 in unpaid rent. The shopping mall argues that the karate school has breached the terms of the lease agreements, which were originally established around 1998. The lawsuit’s aim is to resolve the financial dispute and bring attention to the significant overdue rent, which has accumulated over several months.

Jason David Frank’s Legacy:

Despite the legal troubles surrounding Rising Sun Karate, Jason David Frank’s legacy as a martial artist and Power Ranger continues to inspire countless individuals. Following his tragic passing, the karate school made the decision to keep its doors open, ensuring that Jason’s teachings and the spirit of martial arts would live on. The dojo has been a symbol of his dedication and passion, allowing students to carry forward the principles and techniques he imparted throughout his career.

The Future of Rising Sun Karate:

As the legal battle unfolds, uncertainty looms over the future of Rising Sun Karate. The outcome of the lawsuit will determine whether the school can continue operating in its current location or if it will face further challenges. Regardless of the verdict, Jason David Frank’s impact on the world of martial arts and his fans remains indelible. His dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to spreading positivity and self-improvement through karate have left an enduring legacy that will endure beyond any legal proceedings.


The legal dispute between Rising Sun Karate and the Valencia Marketplace underscores the challenges faced by the late Jason David Frank’s karate school in the wake of his passing. While the lawsuit seeks resolution for the unpaid rent, it also highlights the profound influence and lasting legacy of Jason as both a Power Ranger and a martial arts instructor. As fans and supporters eagerly await the outcome, they remain hopeful that Rising Sun Karate will overcome these obstacles and continue to honor Jason’s memory by inspiring future generations through the teachings of martial arts.

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