Kelly Osbourne’s Candid Remarks about Prince Harry Stir Debate

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In a recent episode of the “I’ve Had It” podcast, Kelly Osbourne, known for her rock ‘n’ roll lineage, shared her unfiltered opinion on Prince Harry, son of King Charles III, and his actions within the British monarchy. Osbourne’s remarks came after she praised the monarch but disagreed with seating arrangements at the coronation. The 38-year-old did not hold back, labeling Prince Harry as a “whining” and “complaining” individual. Her comments sparked laughter among her podcast cohosts, who found her argument convincing.

Prince Harry’s Journey:

Prince Harry has been candid about his experiences as a member of the British royal family, particularly since stepping down from his senior duties with Meghan Markle in 2020. The couple, along with their children Archie and Lilibet, relocated to California, seeking a new path for their careers. In early 2021, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Sussexes would not resume their roles as working royals. Shortly after, they participated in a tell-all interview with CBS, where Harry revealed that his father, Prince Charles, had “stopped taking my calls” after their decision to step back from royal duties.

The Relationship Struggles:

Harry expressed his disappointment and a desire to mend his relationship with Charles, acknowledging the shared pain they both endured. However, sources revealed that Charles wished his son had addressed their issues privately instead of airing them publicly. In his memoir, “Spare,” released this year, Harry delved deeper into his life within the palace walls, shedding light on his mother’s death, Princess Diana, and the pressures he faced growing up in the spotlight.

The Coronation and Family Dynamics:

Questions arose as to whether Prince Harry would be included in the king’s coronation celebrations, considering the strained relationships with his family, including Prince Charles and his brother, Prince William. Ultimately, Harry attended the festivities in London alone, with Meghan choosing to stay home with their children. During the service, Harry was seated in the third row, which sparked further discussions about his place within the royal family.

The Impact of Osbourne’s Remarks:

Kelly Osbourne’s recent comments about Prince Harry’s actions and demeanor reflect a larger sentiment within the public discourse surrounding the royal family. While Osbourne’s opinion is one of many, her criticism contributes to the ongoing debate about the role of the monarchy and its members in contemporary society.


As the British monarchy continues to evolve, public figures like Kelly Osbourne voice their opinions on prominent members such as Prince Harry. While his journey and revelations have sparked controversy and strained relationships, the impact of these events on the royal family’s dynamics remains to be seen. The opinions expressed by individuals like Osbourne provide insight into the diverse perspectives surrounding the monarchy and its place in the modern world.

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