Cillian Murphy Reveals Head Injury on Set of Oppenheimer

Unusual gift exchange takes an unexpected turn, leading to a head injury for the Oppenheimer star

Irish actor Cillian Murphy, widely recognized for his roles in films like Peaky Blinders, recently encountered an unexpected mishap on the set of Christopher Nolan’s highly acclaimed film ‘Oppenheimer.’ During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Murphy and co-star Emily Blunt shared a quirky incident involving a gift exchange that took a bizarre turn.

The actors, joined by Robert Downey Jr. on the show, revealed that the incident occurred when Murphy and Blunt exchanged gifts on the Oppenheimer set. Murphy humorously gifted Blunt a “voucher for Holiday Inn Express,” while Blunt presented Murphy with a Hastens pillow.

“She got me a very nice pillow,” Cillian shared.

However, the amusing gift exchange took a surprising turn when Murphy, attempting to enjoy the comfort of the pillow, missed it while putting his head down, hitting the bedside table instead. The impact resulted in a head injury that required immediate attention.

“They had to glue his head shut,” Emily revealed, adding that the makeup designer, Luisa Abel, played a crucial role in fixing the unexpected injury.

During the conversation, Murphy confirmed the incident, stating, “I just came in, she glued my head and covered it up, and you don’t see it in the movie, I think.”

While the pillow mishap provided a lighthearted moment, ‘Oppenheimer’ itself has been receiving accolades in the awards season. The film has garnered an impressive 13 Oscar nominations, making it the leader in nominations for this year’s Academy Awards. Both Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. recently secured BAFTA awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively, while director Christopher Nolan received the Best Director award at the BAFTAs for his work on ‘Oppenheimer.’ The incident adds a memorable and unconventional chapter to the behind-the-scenes anecdotes of this acclaimed film.

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