Michael Saylor Predicts Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise, Altcoins Left in the Dust

Picture Source: BeInCrypto

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Crypto, Michael Saylor, the co-founder of MicroStrategy and a well-known Bitcoin maximalist, reinforced his belief that Bitcoin is the undisputed leader in the cryptocurrency market. Saylor’s unwavering confidence in Bitcoin’s future prospects has led him to dismiss altcoins once again. With Bitcoin’s dominance steadily increasing and the clarity provided by regulatory bodies, Saylor anticipates a bright future for the leading cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s Supremacy and Potential for Growth:

Saylor wasted no time in emphasizing MicroStrategy’s view of Bitcoin as the sole institutional-grade investable asset in the crypto space. According to Saylor, the public is beginning to understand that Bitcoin is not just any cryptocurrency; it is the “next Bitcoin.” He boldly predicts that Bitcoin’s value could potentially increase tenfold, and then multiply again. Saylor envisions a future where crypto exchanges fully recognize Bitcoin’s dominant position as the preeminent asset within the industry.

Bitcoin Dominance on the Rise:

Highlighting the recent increase in Bitcoin dominance from 40% to 48% within the current year, Saylor indicates a clear trend favoring the leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin dominance refers to the market share of Bitcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies. Saylor believes that this figure could potentially reach 80% as stablecoins and tokens recede in prominence. This projection underlines his conviction in Bitcoin’s long-term dominance within the evolving crypto landscape.

Bitcoin Maximalism: Saylor’s Stance on Altcoins:

As a prominent Bitcoin maximalist, Saylor has consistently advocated for Bitcoin above all other cryptocurrencies. He differentiates altcoins as inferior alternatives or potential scams. His steadfast support for Bitcoin stems from its position as the original cryptocurrency and its established track record, distinguishing it from the myriad of emerging altcoins. Saylor’s unwavering belief in Bitcoin’s superiority reflects his conviction that alternative cryptocurrencies cannot match its long-term value and potential.

Clarity and Institutional Investment:

Saylor attributes the lack of significant institutional investment in the crypto space to confusion and anxiety surrounding the regulatory landscape. However, he remains optimistic that as regulatory clarity improves, institutional capital will flow into the market, benefiting Bitcoin in particular. Saylor advises crypto exchanges to focus on Bitcoin, as he believes the business models supporting it will thrive once the confusion dissipates. He acknowledges the upcoming Bitcoin halving, increased hash rate, and the SEC’s recent clarity on altcoins’ regulatory status as factors that will fuel the next bull run.


Michael Saylor’s unwavering belief in Bitcoin’s dominance within the cryptocurrency market underscores his position as a dedicated Bitcoin maximalist. With MicroStrategy’s strong conviction and Bitcoin’s increasing dominance, Saylor predicts exponential growth for the leading cryptocurrency. While dismissing altcoins as inferior or potentially fraudulent, he expects the regulatory clarity provided by bodies like the SEC to encourage institutional investors to enter the space. As Bitcoin continues to pave its path, Saylor’s confidence in its future remains resolute.

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