Thieves Use Taser On Marshalls Security Guard, Make Off With Cart of Goods

Picture Source: TMZ

Incidents of theft and shoplifting are unfortunately not uncommon, but a recent video capturing two individuals taking their criminal activities to a whole new level has shocked viewers. In a brazen act caught on camera at a Marshalls store in Studio City, two women resorted to using a Taser as a means to escape with a cart full of stolen merchandise. The shocking encounter unfolded in broad daylight and highlights the escalating lengths some thieves are willing to go to evade apprehension.

The Incident:

The astonishing video, captured on Wednesday, portrays the audacious theft attempt by the two women. As they attempted to leave the store with their cart filled with stolen goods, the building’s security guard valiantly attempted to intervene. However, the situation quickly escalated when one of the women brandished a Taser, accompanied by the menacing sound of its electrical discharge. The security guard found himself embroiled in a tug-of-war with the perpetrators, all while being threatened with the weapon. Amidst the chaos, an unidentified woman can be heard warning the guard to back off, asserting, “You can’t touch us!”

Though it remains unclear whether the security guard was actually stunned by the Taser, the video suggests that contact may have been made at some point. Witnesses at the scene reported that the guard appeared to have suffered injuries during the altercation. Unfortunately, despite his courageous efforts, the guard eventually relinquished his pursuit, allowing the two thieves to make their getaway. They hastily loaded the stolen merchandise into their vehicle before speeding off, leaving law enforcement with a challenging task to track them down.

Investigation and Implications:

Law enforcement authorities were promptly alerted, but the culprits had managed to elude capture by the time the police arrived at the scene. Nevertheless, the incident is being treated as a robbery due to the utilization of the Taser as a weapon. Investigators are diligently pursuing all available leads to identify and apprehend the daring duo.

The brazen nature of this theft serves as a stark reminder for discount stores and retailers to remain vigilant. As thieves continue to develop increasingly bold and inventive tactics, businesses must enhance their security measures to protect both their assets and the safety of their staff and customers.


The shocking video capturing two women resorting to using a Taser to facilitate their escape with stolen goods from a Marshalls store has ignited concern and disbelief among viewers. This audacious act serves as a reminder that theft and shoplifting remain persistent challenges for retailers across the country. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies, retail establishments, and communities collaborate to combat these crimes effectively. By implementing robust security measures and promoting awareness, we can deter potential criminals and maintain a safe shopping environment for everyone.

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