Twitter’s New Chief Working on Measures to Bring Back Advertisers Back to Platform: Report

Picture Source: Thomson Reuters

In a bid to reclaim advertisers who departed during Elon Musk’s tenure, Twitter’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Linda Yaccarino, is spearheading a series of initiatives. These efforts include the introduction of a video ads service, targeting high-profile celebrities, bolstering the company’s workforce, and exploring potential partnerships. Yaccarino, who assumed the CEO role on June 5, aims to reinvigorate Twitter’s advertising revenue and restore confidence in the platform. This article delves into the details of Yaccarino’s plans and Twitter’s quest for a resurgence.

Video Ads and Short-Video Feed:

According to the Financial Times (FT), Yaccarino plans to launch full-screen, sound-on video ads as users scroll through Twitter’s new short-video feed. This move aligns with Twitter’s focus on leveraging video content to engage and captivate its user base. By integrating video ads seamlessly into the short-video feed, Twitter aims to offer advertisers a compelling and immersive platform to showcase their products or services. The introduction of video ads represents a strategic shift for Twitter, signaling its intention to capitalize on the rising popularity of video content consumption.

Partnership with Google:

Yaccarino is reportedly engaged in discussions for a broader partnership with Google, an Alphabet-owned company. This potential collaboration would encompass advertising and provide Twitter with access to a portion of its valuable data. By partnering with Google, Twitter aims to tap into the tech giant’s vast advertising network and leverage its expertise in data-driven targeting and optimization. Such a partnership could enhance Twitter’s advertising capabilities and unlock new revenue streams while expanding its reach to a wider audience.

Renegotiating Contracts with Tech Companies:

The Financial Times report suggests that Twitter seeks to renegotiate its existing contracts with technology companies like, Salesforce, and IBM, with the aim of consolidating them into more comprehensive partnerships. By streamlining these relationships, Twitter intends to simplify its business operations and forge stronger alliances that benefit both parties. Consolidating contracts could facilitate smoother collaboration and enable Twitter to leverage the unique strengths and resources of these tech giants, fostering innovation and driving growth.

Revitalizing the Business Beyond Digital Advertising:

Twitter’s focus on video, creator, and commerce partnerships, as reported by Reuters earlier this month, underscores its determination to diversify its revenue streams beyond digital advertising. By nurturing relationships with content creators, Twitter aims to empower them and cultivate an environment conducive to their success. Additionally, the exploration of commerce partnerships signifies Twitter’s ambition to tap into e-commerce and unlock new monetization avenues. These strategic shifts reflect Twitter’s commitment to evolve its business model and adapt to the changing landscape of social media.


Under the leadership of CEO Linda Yaccarino, Twitter is taking decisive steps to regain the trust and interest of advertisers who left the platform during Elon Musk’s ownership. By introducing video ads, pursuing partnerships with industry giants like Google, and reevaluating existing contracts, Twitter aims to reinvigorate its advertising revenue and strengthen its position in the social media landscape. As the company continues its efforts to revitalize its business beyond digital advertising, it seeks to establish itself as a compelling platform for advertisers and a destination for engaging content creators.

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