Chegg Introduces CheggMate, an AI Powered Competitor to ChatGPT

Picture Source: Fortune

On May 2, Chegg, an educational technology company, experienced a significant drop in its stock price due to concerns regarding the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on its business. However, the company is determined to make a comeback by developing its own educational chatbot called CheggMate. CEO Dan Rosensweig unveiled the new tool at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference, emphasizing its potential to provide personalized learning experiences and address the limitations of existing large language models like ChatGPT.


Tailored Learning and Personalized Assistance CheggMate aims to revolutionize the way students learn by acting as a personal learning assistant. Leveraging a decade’s worth of data, including 100 million correct answers to 17 million new questions, the AI-powered tool creates bespoke lesson plans tailored to individual students. It takes into account their learning style, upcoming deadlines, emotional state, and other factors. Additionally, CheggMate facilitates connections to remote study groups and assists in finding job opportunities, providing a holistic learning experience.

The Pursuit of Reliable Information

One of the key concerns with existing large language models is their propensity for generating false or fabricated information. Chegg aims to build a trustworthy chatbot that consistently provides accurate answers. By prioritizing reliability, CheggMate seeks to enhance the learning process and instill confidence in students relying on the platform.

Wellness Metrics and Professional Guidance

Incorporating holistic development, CheggMate goes beyond academic support. It integrates wellness metrics, such as tracking sleep patterns, and recommends meditation exercises to promote overall well-being. Moreover, the platform offers professional guidance by analyzing uploaded test results, highlighting potential professional skills to develop, and connecting students with relevant job opportunities. CheggMate strives to assist students in gaining practical skills and obtaining employment aligned with their interests and capabilities.

Addressing Concerns of Cheating and Deprioritizing Curiosity

During the Brainstorm Tech conference, concerns were raised about the potential misuse of CheggMate, particularly in facilitating academic dishonesty. The phenomenon of “chegging” has emerged, where students use Chegg to quickly access answers or seek assistance from Chegg experts. Nadya Okamoto, a Harvard graduate and activist, voiced concerns about these tools discouraging genuine curiosity and promoting shortcuts.

CEO Rosensweig acknowledged such concerns but emphasized that Chegg’s focus is on providing access to quality education for less privileged students who may not have access to elite institutions. He stressed that CheggMate is designed to benefit students who are proactive, driven, and committed to learning and acquiring practical skills.

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Chegg’s introduction of CheggMate marks a significant step in the company’s efforts to adapt to the evolving educational landscape. By offering personalized learning experiences, prioritizing accurate information, and addressing student well-being, Chegg aims to empower students to excel academically and professionally. While concerns about cheating persist, Chegg’s CEO remains steadfast in his commitment to serving students who genuinely seek to enhance their education and future prospects.

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