Ford Motor Co. Executive Arrested for Alleged Domestic Assault and Arson Threats

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A senior executive at Ford Motor Co., Franck Louis-Victor, has been arrested for reportedly assaulting his wife at their home in suburban Detroit. The charges against Louis-Victor include arson preparation and assault with a deadly weapon. According to the Bloomfield Township police, he allegedly threatened to burn his wife’s high-end designer handbags and physically assaulted her. The incident has led to legal consequences for the executive, who remains in custody at the Oakland County jail. Ford Motor Co. has acknowledged the situation but declined to provide further comments.

Incident Details:

Franck Louis-Victor’s wife reported to the police on July 8 that he had threatened to burn two of her expensive Hermes purses using a lit butane torch. The handbags were valued at $10,000 each. In addition to the arson threat, she claimed that Louis-Victor physically assaulted her, including slapping and headbutting, and striking her with a Google Nest Hub device, causing a laceration under her left eye. The injury required hospital treatment. Subsequently, Louis-Victor was interviewed by officers, and his statements supported the victim’s account, leading to his arrest.

Professional Background and Current Role:

Franck Louis-Victor, aged 50, joined Ford Motor Co. in 2021 after working at Groupe Renault. He initially held a significant position overseeing Ford’s autonomous vehicle affiliate, Argo AI, which was later shut down. In his current role as the CEO of Ford Next, Louis-Victor focuses on incubating and launching new businesses for the company.

Ford Motor Co.’s Response:

While Ford Motor Co. has acknowledged the situation involving Franck Louis-Victor, the company has refrained from providing further comments on the matter. It is unclear how this incident may impact Louis-Victor’s position and future within the company.

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The arrest of Franck Louis-Victor, a prominent executive at Ford Motor Co., for alleged domestic assault and arson threats, has raised concerns about his personal conduct and its potential impact on his professional role. The charges against him, including assault with a deadly weapon and arson preparation, stem from an incident involving his wife at their suburban Detroit home. As legal proceedings unfold, the repercussions on Louis-Victor’s career at Ford Motor Co. remain uncertain. The company has acknowledged the situation but has not provided additional comments on the matter.

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