UBS Asset Management Tests Tokenized Money Market Fund in Singapore

Picture Source: BeInCrypto

UBS Asset Management is conducting a pilot program for a tokenized money market fund Variable Capital Company (VCC) in Singapore. Leveraging the bank’s Tokenize smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, the pilot focuses on activities such as fund subscriptions and redemptions. This initiative, carried out in collaboration with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), is a part of UBS’s exploration of tokenization, following its successful tokenization of bonds and structured notes in the past year. Tokenization is seen as a means to enhance asset liquidity and accessibility to financial products.

Tokenization Enhances Asset Liquidity

Tokenization involves encoding digital or physical asset ownership in a format compatible with one or more private or public blockchains. It enables faster exchange of tokenized assets compared to traditional payment networks, ultimately improving liquidity. UBS Asset Management believes that by exploring tokenization in funds, they can potentially enhance market liquidity and access for clients.

MAS’s Project Guardian and the Growth of Tokenization

This tokenization pilot is a part of Project Guardian, an experiment led by MAS to explore the potential of a market that some experts predict could grow to trillions of dollars by 2030. In the past, MAS has also partnered with institutions like DBS Bank and JPMorgan to facilitate the exchange of tokenized currencies through permissioned pool smart contracts.

Challenges and the Path to Mainstream Tokenization

While tokenization holds great promise, experts suggest that it may still take a few years to become mainstream. Issues surrounding asset possession, ownership, and transfer processes need clarity. Rulemaking around asset transfers and tax implications for tokenized assets remains a complex challenge that requires resolution.

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Singapore’s Potential as a Leading Hub for Tokenization

Singapore, with its commitment to progress and investment attractiveness, has the potential to be a significant hub for tokenization. The city-state has a track record of attracting foreign investments, and its regulatory authorities have been increasingly receptive to blockchain technologies and tokenization.


UBS Asset Management’s pilot program for a tokenized money market fund in Singapore signifies the growing interest and exploration of tokenization in the financial industry. While there are challenges to overcome, the commitment of institutions like MAS and the allure of Singapore as an investment destination may pave the way for the rapid adoption of tokenization in the region.

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