The Wolf of All Streets Warns Crypto Community Says Vigilance Needed Against Rising Cold Wallet Scams

In a stark warning to the crypto community, The Wolf of All Streets, a highly regarded crypto trader with a substantial following of 916,700, has raised alarms about the increasing susceptibility of both hot and cold wallets to scams. Urging his followers to stay vigilant, he shared a cautionary tale of a follower falling victim to a sophisticated Ledger scam.

The Tale of a Ledger Scam:

The renowned crypto trader recounted a conversation with a security-conscious friend who fell prey to a Ledger scam. The victim encountered a 503 HTTP API error while attempting to synchronize his Nano S hard wallet. Seeking assistance from Ledger Support on Twitter, he quickly received a response from an individual posing as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company. The imposter guided the victim through purported troubleshooting steps, ultimately resulting in the complete drainage of the victim’s wallet.

Rise of Sophisticated Scams:

The incident highlights the need for caution in the current highly volatile crypto market, where scams targeting both cold and hot wallets are on the rise. The rapid advancement of technology has empowered scammers, making it easier for them to drain funds from unsuspecting investors. Notably, recent reports indicate that artificial intelligence (AI) is now being utilized by hackers to identify vulnerabilities and drain victims’ wallets.

The Growing Threat Landscape:

The crypto community is facing an escalating threat landscape, with hackers employing increasingly sophisticated methods. The cautionary tale of The Wolf of All Streets underscores the importance of exercising utmost caution, especially when engaging in conversations about instructions or entering information into wallets.

Recent Incidents and Stolen Funds:

The warning comes in the wake of several high-profile incidents, including the theft of over $23 million worth of crypto assets from Alphapo, a crypto payments service provider. The stolen funds comprised various cryptocurrencies, including USDT, USDC, FTN, TFL, ETH, and DAI. The incident serves as a reminder that even established entities in the crypto space are not immune to the evolving tactics of hackers.


As the crypto space evolves, so do the tactics of scammers and hackers. The cautionary advice from The Wolf of All Streets serves as a timely reminder for crypto enthusiasts to remain vigilant, adopt robust security practices, and stay informed about the latest threats in order to protect their digital assets from the growing menace of sophisticated scams.

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