Apple 16 Pro Max A18 Pro Chip May Outperform Apple Laptops

Recent leaks suggest that the upcoming iPhone Pro 16 might boast a performance that rivals Apple’s laptops, particularly the MacBook Pro with an M3 Max chip. Leaker Nguyen Phi Hung claims that the A18 Pro chip, powering the apple 16 pro max, achieved an impressive 3,500 single-core and 8,200 multicore scores on Geekbench 6, hinting at a remarkable leap in processing power.

Performance Potential: If the leaked scores hold true, the iPhone 16 Pro could potentially outperform not only its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro, but also certain MacBook models. This includes surpassing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, currently a top performer in the Android smartphone market.

Balancing Act: Nguyen’s disclosure also suggests that the 3,500 single-core score is the “absolute maximum,” raising the possibility that Apple might fine-tune the performance in the final product. This adjustment could be aimed at striking a balance between high computing power, battery consumption, and heat generation.

Multicore Considerations: While the single-core performance is remarkable, the multicore score falls short compared to Apple laptops with higher total core counts. The exception is the MacBook Air M1, indicating that, despite significant upgrades, the next iPhone might not replace laptops for users with more demanding tasks.

Chip Details: It is speculated that the A18 Pro chip will use the same 3-nanometer process as its predecessor, the A17 Pro in the iPhone 15 Pro models. The standard A18 chip, expected in the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, may also undergo a significant upgrade, moving from the 4nm A16 chip in the base iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

Additional Rumors: Apart from the performance boost, other rumored features for the iPhone 16 series include more RAM, support for faster WiFi 6E internet in standard models, and larger (though potentially slower) storage options up to 2TB in the Pro models.

Anticipated Unveiling: Enthusiasts can likely expect Apple to unveil the iPhone 16 series, including the iPhone 16, iphone pro 16, and apple 16 pro max, in September—the traditional month for Apple’s annual iPhone reveals. Alongside performance upgrades, potential additions such as a new Capture button for all models and further camera advancements for the Pro models may also be revealed. The tech world awaits Apple’s official announcement to confirm these exciting developments.

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