Mixed Sentiments on Bitcoin ETFs Survey Says

The introduction of bitcoin spot ETFs in the United States stirred optimism and expectations of a significant increase in bitcoin value. However, the response has been somewhat mixed, prompting RipeNews to survey readers on their intentions regarding these ETFs, current bitcoin ownership, and anticipated impacts on value and the crypto market.

Key Findings:

  1. Optimism vs. Skepticism:
    • While bitcoin’s value nearly doubled in the past year, recent weeks have seen it largely trading sideways, prompting questions about the “Buy the rumor, sell the news” phenomenon.
    • The survey reveals mixed sentiments, with respondents expressing a range of opinions on the potential impact of spot bitcoin ETFs.
  2. Investment Intentions:
    • Approximately 25% of respondents stated they do not intend to buy bitcoin via an ETF and already own bitcoin through other means.
    • Existing bitcoin holders use various platforms for storage, including self-custody, Coinbase, KuCoin, and other locations.
  3. Unscientific Insights:
    • The survey included responses from founders and operators in the crypto space, offering unscientific but noteworthy insights into market sentiment.
    • Dara Khan, Head of Marketing at Decent DAO’s bitcoin, humorously mentioned losing her wallet in a boating accident, emphasizing the diverse and sometimes unconventional nature of bitcoin storage.


The survey reflects a diverse range of perspectives on the impact of bitcoin spot ETFs, with some individuals choosing not to participate and others maintaining their holdings through alternative means. The crypto market continues to evolve, and these varied sentiments contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the future of bitcoin and its investment landscape.