Kim Kardashian Under Fire for Joking About Kate Middleton Amid Royal Photo Controversy

Kim Kardashian has recently come under fire for making light of Kate Middleton’s recent photo controversy on social media. Taking to Instagram on March 16, the reality star shared a series of photos showcasing her outfit, donning black leather pants and a graphic black T-shirt.

However, it was her caption that drew criticism as she made a thinly veiled joke aimed at the Princess of Wales regarding her recent photoshop mishap.

Kim’s post sparked immediate reaction from her followers, with many expressing disapproval in the comment section. One commenter highlighted the sensitivity of the situation, referencing instances where members of Kim’s own family had retreated from the public eye during times of pregnancy or medical reasons.

Another questioned whether Kim was intentionally trolling Kate Middleton, while others called out the reality star for hypocrisy, suggesting that she too has faced sensitive situations worthy of criticism.

The backlash against Kim comes in the midst of ongoing speculation surrounding Kate Middleton’s recent whereabouts and health.

Reports of conspiracy theories emerged after the Palace announced Kate’s “planned abdominal surgery” in January, prompting heightened scrutiny of her subsequent public appearances and social media posts.

Last week, Kate shared a photo on social media featuring herself alongside her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, in celebration of Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom.

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However, netizens speculated that the photo had been edited, adding fuel to the ongoing controversy.

In response to the speculation, Kate clarified the situation on X (formerly known as Twitter), admitting to occasional experimentation with editing as an amateur photographer. She expressed regret for any confusion caused by the family photograph and extended Mother’s Day wishes to all celebrating.

As the debate surrounding Kate Middleton’s recent photo controversy continues, Kim Kardashian’s ill-timed joke has only served to amplify tensions and draw further attention to the sensitive nature of the situation.

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