Kate Middleton’s Uncle Set to Spill Harry and Meghan Secrets Despite Family Warnings

Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of Kate Middleton, is poised to make waves with revelations about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as he makes his television debut on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

Goldsmith, sibling to Carole Middleton, mother of the Duchess of Cambridge, has reportedly been involved in writing a book in response to Prince Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare’. Despite warnings from his family to refrain from divulging secrets on the reality show, sources suggest that Goldsmith is prepared to speak out about Harry and Meghan.

An insider disclosed to The Sun that despite admonishments from his sister Carole and her husband Michael, who have “read the riot act” to him, Goldsmith is undeterred. The Middleton family is reportedly unhappy about his participation in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, expressing frustration at the added stress it brings to Kate.

In light of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s perceived attacks on the royal family, Goldsmith reportedly aims to provide the Middleton family “a voice”, as revealed in reports from November 2023. Goldsmith, aged 58, previously hinted at plans to publish a memoir in 2013, having accrued substantial wealth through his IT business.

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Initially, Goldsmith had no intention of discussing his family or the royal family in his memoir. However, recent positive reception from the press, particularly regarding his criticism of Harry and Meghan, has led to a change of heart.

As speculation grows about the contents of his upcoming book and the possibility of further revelations about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the timing of its release remains uncertain. Nonetheless, Goldsmith’s appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ may offer a glimpse into the secrets he’s poised to spill.

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