Meghan Markle’s Decision to Skip UK Event Reignites Speculation on Royal Family Relationship

Meghan Markle’s absence from the upcoming 10th anniversary celebration of the Invictus Games has once again sparked discussions about her relationship with the Royal Family.

The former Suits star has opted not to accompany her husband, Prince Harry, to the event in the UK, choosing instead to remain in the United States with their children before joining the Duke for a trip to Nigeria.

Amidst rumors of strained relations between Meghan and certain members of the Royal Family, a resurfaced clip from 2018 has circulated online, shedding light on Meghan’s previous remarks about the differing personalities within the royal circle.

During a joint appearance with Prince Harry and the Waleses at the Royal Foundation Forum, Meghan emphasized the importance of diverse perspectives and communication in effecting meaningful change.

“Thank goodness it’s such differing personalities and that everyone’s very communicative because that’s how you can really see bigger change,” Meghan remarked at the forum.

“If everyone’s thinking the same way, how are you going to push the envelope? You know, how are you really going to break through in a different sort of mindset?”

However, recent developments suggest a deepening divide between Meghan and the Royal Family. Her decision to forego the UK event has fueled speculation about her intentions and motivations.

Some experts suggest that Meghan’s choice reflects a desire to establish an independent presence, both personally and professionally, away from the constraints of Buckingham Palace.

PR expert Ryan McCormick weighs in on Meghan’s decision, noting that her focus may be on her new venture, American Riviera Orchard. “Meghan choosing not to join Harry in the UK may have to do with her focusing more efforts on her new company,” McCormick observed.

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Additionally, he speculates that Meghan may seek to distance herself from Buckingham Palace, viewing the association as potentially hindering her aspirations for autonomy.

As Meghan navigates her new endeavors, observers continue to speculate on the future of her relationship with the Royal Family.

Her absence from the UK event serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding her position within the monarchy and her quest for independence.

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