Royal Expert Reveals How Kate Middleton Broke the News of Her Cancer Diagnosis to Her Children

Grant Harrold, former butler to King Charles, has shed light on the delicate conversations that transpired behind closed doors as Kate Middleton disclosed her cancer diagnosis to her children, offering insights into the nuanced approach taken with each of them.

In an interview with The Post, Harrold described the admission as “sugarcoated,” highlighting the challenging task faced by Kate in navigating these conversations with her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Harrold emphasized the age-appropriate nature of the discussions, noting that while older children like George and Charlotte may have received a more frank explanation, the conversation with Louis, being younger, was likely more gentle and optimistic.

He stressed the importance of maintaining positivity throughout these conversations, acknowledging the significant impact such news can have on young minds.

Reflecting on the emotional weight of the situation, Harrold remarked on the poignant image of Kate with her children, underscoring the strength and resilience displayed by both the Duchess and her supportive family unit. He expressed confidence in George and Charlotte’s ability to provide invaluable support to their mother during this challenging time.

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However, Harrold acknowledged the complexity of explaining the situation to Prince Louis, given his young age and limited understanding. Despite this, he expressed faith in the children’s ability to cope, attributing their composure to the calm and collected demeanor of their parents.

As the royal family navigates this new reality, Harrold’s insights offer a glimpse into the compassion and sensitivity with which Kate and Prince William are guiding their children through this difficult chapter. With love, support, and unwavering strength, they exemplify resilience in the face of adversity, inspiring admiration and empathy from around the world.

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