Meghan Markle Faces Backlash for Trying to Overshadow Kate Middleton and King Charles Amid Cancer Battles

In the midst of the royal family’s health crisis, Meghan Markle’s latest business venture has sparked controversy and drawn criticism from royal experts and observers alike. The Duchess of Sussex’s decision to launch a new project with Netflix has raised eyebrows, with some accusing her of attempting to overshadow the health issues facing King Charles and Kate Middleton.

Royal expert Angela Levin, speaking to The Sun, suggested that Meghan’s business launch is just another example of her trying to control the narrative and dominate the spotlight, even during times of family turmoil. Levin pointed out Meghan’s past remarks about her disdain for the Royal Family and the UK, alleging that she has been unkind and disrespectful.

Levin further criticized Meghan for claiming she doesn’t want to interfere while Catherine and the King are unwell, pointing to past instances where Meghan has allegedly inserted herself into royal affairs during times of crisis. Levin referenced Meghan’s interview with The Cut, conducted shortly before Queen Elizabeth II’s death in 2022, where Meghan hinted at the challenges of forgiveness in the wake of her experiences within the Royal Family.

In the interview, Meghan discussed the importance of forgiveness but also acknowledged the difficulty of the process, especially given her past grievances. Her remarks have since resurfaced in light of her latest business venture, fueling speculation about her intentions and motives.

The timing of Meghan’s business launch has drawn particular scrutiny, coming at a time when the royal family is facing significant health challenges. King Charles and Kate Middleton’s illnesses have raised concerns and prompted well-wishes from around the world. Against this backdrop, Meghan’s decision to announce a new project has been met with backlash and criticism from those who view it as insensitive and self-serving.

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Observers have questioned Meghan’s priorities and accused her of prioritizing her own interests over the well-being of the royal family. Some have even accused her of using her platform to distract from the health issues facing her in-laws and shift the focus back onto herself.

As Meghan faces backlash for her latest business endeavor, the debate over her role within the royal family and her relationship with Prince Harry continues to intensify. With tensions running high and emotions raw, Meghan’s actions are once again under scrutiny, leaving many to wonder what the future holds for the Duchess and her place within the royal fold.

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