Prince William Break Silence Amid Prince Harry’s Major Announcement Amid Kate Middleton Cancer Battle

Prince Harry’s recent official declaration of his residence change from the UK to the US has reportedly left his brother, Prince William, feeling “hurt and disappointed,” amid Princess Kate Middleton’s cancer battle according to insights from relationship expert Louella Alderson.

The Duke of Sussex, alongside his wife Meghan Markle and son, Prince Archie, relocated to America in 2020, marking a significant shift in their lives.

However, the formal paperwork filed by Travalyst Ltd, a travel company primarily owned by Harry, to British authorities has now cemented his new status as a resident of the United States.

This revelation, coming on the heels of Harry being instructed to vacate Frogmore Cottage on the same day, appears to underscore a definitive step away from his former life in the UK.

Alderson suggests that William may be grappling with feelings of hurt and disappointment as Harry’s actions seemingly prioritize his new life and career over familial ties.

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“While Harry has been living in the US for four years, declaring it as his new usual residence officially feels like a subtle but sure way of establishing boundaries and creating a new identity separate from his royal duties,” Alderson remarked.

The decision, though perhaps providing clarity and closure for all parties involved, sends a clear message that Harry’s focus lies elsewhere, potentially straining already delicate relationships within the royal family.

As the Duke of Sussex continues to carve out his path in America, the ripple effects of his residence change reverberate through the corridors of royalty, prompting reflection on the evolving dynamics within the House of Windsor.

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