Royal Expert Reacts to Kate Middleton’s Decision on Prince Louis’s Birthday Tradition

In response to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s decision to break tradition by not sharing a photo of Prince Louis on his 6th birthday, royal expert Richard Palmer has weighed in, highlighting the importance of the monarchy being visible to the public.

Palmer, known for his insights into royal affairs, expressed his views on X, emphasizing the significance of the monarchy being seen by the public to maintain its relevance. He noted that while there may be media scrutiny surrounding the decision, it’s essential for the monarchy to remain visible to the public to sustain belief in its existence.

“There will be media scrutiny either way today but the royal ‘fans’ berating the media for covering the controversy over that doctored image should also remember that many Britons wouldn’t be able to name all of the Wales children. The monarchy needs to be seen to be believed,” Palmer stated.

He also addressed the possibility of Kensington Palace releasing a birthday photo of Prince Louis amidst the controversy surrounding the doctored Mother’s Day picture. Palmer acknowledged that given the circumstances, with Kate Middleton undergoing chemotherapy, the family may have other priorities at this time.

“With a mother undergoing chemotherapy, the Wales family may have other priorities,” Palmer remarked, suggesting that the family’s focus may be elsewhere amid Kate’s health challenges.

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Traditionally, Kate Middleton and Prince William have shared photos of their children on their birthdays, providing the public with glimpses into their lives and celebrating milestones. However, this year, they appear to have deviated from this tradition, prompting speculation and commentary from royal observers like Palmer.

The decision not to release a photo of Prince Louis on his 6th birthday marks a departure from the usual practice, reflecting the family’s current circumstances and priorities. As they navigate through challenging times, their actions continue to draw attention and scrutiny, highlighting the delicate balance between privacy and public visibility in royal life.

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