Buckingham Palace Made Major Announcement Amid Kate Middleton’s Cancer Battle

In a surprising turn of events, Buckingham Palace made major announcement amid Kate Middleton’s cancer battle. The Palace has announced that the Prince of Wales is set to be appointed as Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps by the 75-year-old monarch next week.

This announcement came shortly after Prince Harry issued a statement ruling out a meeting with his cancer-stricken father during his current UK visit.

Royal commentator Katie Nicholl characterized the timing of the announcement as a major “snub” to Prince Harry, who was expected to receive the title due to his service in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry served two tours in Afghanistan and was considered a significant figure within the military community.

Nicholl expressed her views to Entertainment Tonight, suggesting that the timing of the announcement could be interpreted as a deliberate move to undermine Prince Harry.

She highlighted the significance of the title and the military uniform, both of which Prince Harry has been stripped of since stepping back from royal duties.

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The decision to appoint Prince Charles as Colonel-in-Chief instead of Prince Harry may be seen as a poignant reminder of Prince Harry’s distancing from the royal family.

It reflects a broader trend of exclusion and isolation faced by Prince Harry since his departure from royal duties.

For Prince Harry, this latest development serves as yet another reminder of his shifting role within the royal family.

Despite his contributions to the military and the Invictus community, he continues to face challenges and snubs that underscore his status as an outsider in royal circles.

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