Former Olympian Defends Prince Harry For His Remarks on Kate Middleton

Former Olympian Akabusi has come to the defense of Prince Harry, urging the public to shift their attention from the Duke’s personal life to the upcoming Invictus Games.

In a conversation with GB News’ Isabel, Akabusi weighed in on the ongoing scrutiny surrounding Harry, particularly in light of recent events involving his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton’s illness.

Isabel remarked on the public’s investment in Harry’s personal life, citing his Oprah interview and comments about Kate, which have stirred controversy. Akabusi acknowledged the public interest but advocated for redirecting the conversation.

While acknowledging the sensitivity of the situation, Akabusi emphasized Harry’s likely expression of condolences to Kate amid her illness, dismissing portrayals of him as callous.

He urged against dwelling on personal matters and instead emphasized the significance of the upcoming Invictus Games, which marks its tenth anniversary.

Akabusi highlighted Harry’s pivotal role in the Invictus Games, serving as a beacon of inspiration for wounded soldiers who compete at the highest level despite their injuries.

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He urged the public to focus on honoring the bravery and resilience of these athletes rather than scrutinizing Harry’s personal affairs.

With the Invictus Games approaching, Akabusi’s remarks serve as a reminder of the importance of celebrating the achievements and courage of those who have overcome adversity.

Amidst ongoing controversies, his call to prioritize the Invictus Games underscores the opportunity to unite in support of a noble cause and honor the triumph of the human spirit.

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