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Met Gala Host Left Disappointed By Dream Pair Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton

Anna Wintour, the renowned host of the Met Gala, once expressed her fervent desire to see Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Sussex and Princess of Wales respectively, grace the prestigious fashion event as her “dream guests.”

However, Wintour’s hopes of witnessing the much-talked-about sister-in-law duo together at the gala have been dashed, leaving her disappointed.

In 2019, Wintour, who serves as the editor-in-chief of Vogue, openly shared her enthusiasm for the prospect of Meghan and Kate attending the Met Gala side by side, stating, “I would love to have the Duchess of Sussex and the Princess of Wales together.”

She went on to emphasize that they “would be my dream couple,” implying a vision of unparalleled elegance and style that the royal pair would bring to the event.

However, Wintour humorously suggested that the presence of Prince Harry and Prince William, Meghan and Kate’s respective spouses at the time, was unnecessary, quipping, “They could leave their husbands at home.

It’s the two of them I want.”

Fast forward to the present, the once-amicable relationship between Meghan and Kate has soured, evolving into a bitter feud following Meghan’s departure from the royal family in 2020.

In the aftermath of “Megxit,” Meghan made damning allegations against the Princess of Wales and other senior members of the royal family, triggering a rift that has persisted as a cold war ever since.

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Amidst ongoing headlines surrounding Meghan’s new business ventures and projects with Netflix, Princess Kate has been facing her own challenges.

Recently, she revealed her diagnosis of cancer, prompting her to undergo preventative chemotherapy, a development that has garnered significant attention.

As the Met Gala continues to draw celebrities and fashion icons from around the world, the absence of Meghan Markle and Princess Kate remains conspicuous, marking a departure from the once-hoped-for vision of the royal pair gracing the event as Wintour’s esteemed guests.

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