Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Latest Move Deepen Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wounds

The ongoing saga surrounding the British royal family has once again captured public attention, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finding themselves embroiled in controversy yet again.

This time, the focus is on the Sussexes’ workload and its perceived impact on Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Recent criticism suggests that Prince Harry’s work commitments, particularly with the couple’s foundation Archewell, are exacerbating tensions within the royal family.

Expert analysis by Ms. Daniela Elser, featured in a piece for, has shed light on this contentious issue.

Ms. Elser’s breakdown highlights the contrast between Prince Harry’s workload in the United States and the efforts of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the United Kingdom.

With the US lacking paid paternity leave, Prince Harry’s relatively limited public charity work – just 18 days in total by the end of 2023 – has drawn scrutiny.

The crux of the criticism lies not in disparaging the achievements of Harry and Meghan through Archewell but in the perception that they oversell their contributions.

Ms. Elser notes the irony of lofty statements about Archewell juxtaposed with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s hands-on approach to charitable endeavors.

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While Harry and Meghan’s foundation may indeed be making significant strides in philanthropy, the optics of their work ethic compared to that of William and Kate have sparked controversy.

The image of the Sussexes promoting Archewell against the backdrop of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s diligent service to the crown is seen by some as rubbing salt in the wounds of the royal family.

As the royal drama continues to unfold, the contrast in workloads between the two couples serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities within the monarchy and the ongoing rift between the Sussexes and the Wales.

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