Prince William and Kate Middleton Likely to Decline Prince Harry’s Invitation to Invictus Games Anniversary Event

Royal Correspondent Michael Cole has cast doubt on the likelihood of Prince William and Kate Middleton attending the upcoming anniversary event of the Invictus Games, despite reports of Prince Harry extending invitations to them.

Cole, speaking on GB News, indicated that no members of the Royal Family, including William and Kate, are expected to be present at the event held at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 8.

Referring to the reported attempts by Prince Harry to contact his brother and sister-in-law, Cole emphasized that the strained relations within the family seem to persist, leading to the anticipated absence of William and Kate from the event.

He recalled the significant role played by the couple in supporting Prince Harry during the establishment of the Invictus Games in 2014 but noted that their past contributions appear to have been overshadowed by recent events.

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Cole’s assessment underscores the deepening divide within the royal family, with reconciliation between Prince Harry and Prince William appearing increasingly unlikely.

Despite their previous collaborations and shared history, recent developments have seemingly strained their relationship, making any reconciliation efforts challenging.

As speculation continues about the future dynamics within the royal family, the absence of Prince William and Kate Middleton from the Invictus Games anniversary event serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing tensions between the brothers and the complexities of their relationship.

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