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Royal Biographer Criticizes King Charles for Shocking Decision on Coronation Anniversary

As King Charles and Queen Camilla mark the first anniversary of their coronation, the royal couple finds themselves under scrutiny for a decision made during a recent public appearance.

Royal biographer Angela Levin has raised questions about the appropriateness of the King’s actions, suggesting that they diverge from traditional royal protocol and may have surprised his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Despite ongoing cancer treatment, King Charles has returned to royal duties with vigor, engaging with the public and continuing his official engagements.

However, it was during a visit to the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre in London that the King’s actions came under scrutiny.

In a departure from royal tradition, King Charles and Queen Camilla were presented with posies by two young children who had battled cancer.

Instead of simply receiving the gifts, the King surprised many by presenting the children with a bag of presents in return, a gesture that may have raised eyebrows among royal observers.

Angela Levin, speaking on GB News, remarked on the significance of the moment, suggesting that it may have been at odds with the expectations of royal behavior.

Traditionally, royals are meant to only receive gifts from the public, not give them. This departure from protocol, Levin suggested, may have been a break from tradition that would have surprised Queen Elizabeth II.

Despite the potential breach of protocol, Levin acknowledged the heartfelt nature of the King’s gesture, noting the lasting impact it would have on the recipients.

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She also reflected on the King’s evolving public image, particularly in light of his cancer diagnosis, which has prompted a perception of him as a monarch who is more caring and accessible to the British public.

As King Charles and Queen Camilla navigate their first year on the throne amidst personal and public challenges, their actions continue to be scrutinized by royal observers.

While some applaud their compassion and accessibility, others question the implications of deviating from long-standing royal traditions.

On this anniversary of their coronation, the King and Queen’s actions serve as a reminder of the evolving nature of the monarchy and the delicate balance between tradition and modernity in the royal family.

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