Princess Catherine

Kensington Palace Accused of Lying About Kate Middleton Amid Cancer Treatment

A royal source spills the tea about Kensington Palace’s recent statement concerning Kate Middleton.

The Princess of Wales debunked rumors of receiving treatment in the US with her grand appearance at Trooping the Colour to support King Charles, following Kensington Palace’s denial of such reports.

However, a source has suggested that the Palace may have denied the reports due to concerns over the perception of the Royal family.

Multiple witnesses claim to have spotted Kate at the St. Regis hotel and MD Anderson Cancer Center, a world-renowned cancer treatment facility in America.

Despite this, a media outlet has stated that these reports are false, asserting that the Princess is in the UK for her treatment and has never left the country, citing Kensington Palace.

Yet, a source told Life & Style, “There are multiple witnesses who claim to have seen her in Texas,” adding, “It’s believed she’s flying back and forth for secret cancer treatment there.”

The source explained that the idea of a member of the royal family seeking treatment outside the National Health Service (NHS) “would be a bad look.”

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They noted, “It would suggest that the care that ‘regular’ Britons get isn’t good enough for the princess, who is wealthy enough to afford better doctors.”

“But the truth is, [Prince] William will pay any amount of money to make sure she gets better,” the royal tipster continued.

Before concluding, the source revealed that while it has “been brutal, Kate has turned a corner. She’s truly hoping to reassure everyone soon that she’s in the clear.”

This controversy highlights the sensitive nature of public perception regarding the royal family’s healthcare choices and the lengths to which they might go to protect their image.