Kensington Palace Shares Kate Middleton’s Heartfelt Statement Ahead of Important Royal Event

In a poignant letter released by Kensington Palace, Princess Kate Middleton, Colonel of the Irish Guards, expressed her deep regret at missing a key royal event due to her ongoing cancer treatment.

The emotional statement, addressed to the Irish Guards ahead of the Colonel’s Review and Trooping the Colour, highlights Kate’s dedication to her role and her profound sense of duty to the regiment.

“I wanted to write to let you know how proud I am of the entire regiment ahead of the Colonel’s Review and Trooping the Colour,” Kate wrote, acknowledging the dedication and hard work put in by the troops to ensure the event’s success.

Despite her inability to participate this year, Kate’s words convey her admiration and support for the regiment’s efforts.

“Being your Colonel remains a great honour,” Kate continued, expressing her sincere apologies for her absence.

“Please pass my apologies to the whole Regiment,” she implored, adding, “however, I do hope I can represent you all again soon.”

Her message is imbued with a sense of longing to fulfill her duties once more, underscoring her commitment to the Irish Guards and the royal family.

In a touching conclusion to her letter, Kate handwrote the Irish Guards’ motto, “Quis Separabit,” which translates to “Who shall separate us?” This powerful sentiment encapsulates the unity and strength of the regiment, reaffirming Kate’s unwavering support and solidarity with her troops.

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Signing off as “Colonel Catherine,” Kate’s personal touch adds a heartfelt sincerity to her message.

Traditionally, Kate would have taken the salute at the Colonel’s Review rehearsal, but her absence this year due to her cancer treatment underscores the gravity of her health situation.

Despite the challenges she faces, Kate’s dedication to her role as Colonel of the Irish Guards remains unwavering, earning her the respect and admiration of all those she serves.

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