King Charles Snubs Kate Middleton with Major Decision Amidst Cancer Battle

In a surprising turn of events, King Charles has seemingly snubbed his beloved daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, with his latest major appointments ahead of Garter Day, despite both of them currently battling cancer.

According to GB News, the monarch’s decision has been perceived as a significant oversight, particularly given the ongoing calls for Kate to be honored with the Order of the Garter.

King Charles has appointed former MI5 director general Baroness Manningham-Buller as Chancellor of the Order of the Garter and Tory peer and former insurance broker Lord Ashton of Hyde as the Master of the Horse.

The latter role is a ceremonial position responsible for overseeing the Royal Mews during state occasions.

The timing of this decision is notable, as there have been persistent requests for Kate Middleton to be inducted into the Order of the Garter.

GB News described King Charles’ actions as a ‘snub and blow’ to the Princess of Wales.

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Kate Middleton, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment, made a memorable appearance at last year’s Order of the Garter service, where she wore a polka dot dress and Princess Diana’s earrings, garnering widespread admiration.

The Order of the Garter is the oldest and most prestigious Order of Chivalry in Britain, celebrated annually with a grand procession and service at Windsor Castle.

This year’s appointments by King Charles have sparked discussions about the royal family’s internal dynamics and the implications of his choices, especially given Kate’s health challenges and her continued dedication to her royal duties.