Meghan Markle’s Desperate Bid to Shift Focus with Kate Middleton’s Cancer

Meghan Markle, amidst ongoing scrutiny, is reportedly making efforts to mend fences amid Kate Middleton’s battle with cancer, hoping to alleviate some of the heat directed towards her.

Insights into this delicate situation have emerged from a source close to Closer magazine, shedding light on Meghan’s intentions during these challenging times.

“Both Harry and Meghan have been closely following Kate’s recovery, albeit from a distance due to their limited communication with the palace and the Waleses,” the insider revealed candidly.

“They are aware of the public’s anticipation for Kate’s return to duty and are genuinely relieved to hear of her progress,” the source added.

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have jointly extended well wishes, their attempts have not yet garnered a substantial response from Kate.

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“Notwithstanding, they continue to reach out and do what they believe is right,” the insider emphasized.

Looking forward, the source expressed optimism that Kate’s return to royal duties might help divert attention and foster a potential reconciliation with William and even King Charles.

Meghan Markle’s proactive approach during this sensitive period underscores her efforts to navigate complex family dynamics amid public scrutiny and personal challenges.