Prince Harry

Prince Harry Risks Lifetime Ban from Royals with Second Memoir Revelation

Prince Harry, who released his first memoir ‘Spare’ in January 2023, has enough real-life inspiration to pen another book. However, ‘Spare’ significantly strained his relationships with King Charles and Prince William.

Now, with another memoir allegedly in the works, veteran royal correspondent Jennie Bond warns that Harry is risking permanent damage to his ties with the royal family.

“I can’t imagine that Harry would contemplate a follow-up to ‘Spare.’ He has indicated that he wants to move on: he has said his peace, vented his anger, and faced the consequences,” Bond stated.

Jennie added, “If he did go there, then I am sure the response would be a continued dignified silence and a resounding crash as the palace doors slammed on any hope of future reconciliation.”

A royal insider revealed that Harry is already in hot water and is “likely permanently banned from royal life in their [senior royals and courtiers] eyes.”

The insider told OK! magazine, “If he does follow through with writing yet another salacious book, that ban will extend to a personal bar from his family, meaning he won’t just be excluded from royal events; he will be ignored as if he never existed.”

The Duke of Sussex’s first memoir, ‘Spare,’ detailed his life within the royal family and exposed various personal and family conflicts. Its release led to a significant fallout, with tensions rising between Harry and the senior members of the royal family.

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As Prince Harry navigates his new life in the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their children, the possibility of a second memoir looms large.

Whether he will proceed with another tell-all book remains to be seen, but the potential repercussions could be severe, including permanent estrangement from his royal relatives.

The royal family has maintained a stance of dignified silence in response to Harry’s public revelations.

If Harry does decide to publish another memoir, the palace’s response is likely to be no different, further solidifying his separation from the monarchy.