Prince William Latest Move Leaves Meghan Markle Shocked

Meghan Markle was left reeling after Prince William took his kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert.

The Duchess of Sussex was reportedly surprised and saddened by the Prince of Wales’s enthusiastic attendance at the concert, as Swift made it clear that she is ‘team Wales.’

This move comes after Taylor Swift refused to appear on Meghan Markle’s now-canceled Spotify podcast, despite Meghan’s personal handwritten invitation to the pop star.

Royal expert and commentator, Kinsey Schofield, explained the impact of this event on Meghan.

Speaking to Mark Dolan, Schofield remarked on the viral video of William dancing at the concert, saying, “I just love seeing him blissful, gleeful. This has been a really hard year for them.

This was his big birthday celebration and it was just great. I mean, I’m never gonna hear this song ever again and not think about Prince William.”

Schofield continued, “I think that he’s probably spent a few minutes with her. We know that they took a selfie. She has spent time with him previously.”

Referring to a previous charity event where William and Swift sang with Jon Bon Jovi, she added, “There is great video of them singing with Jon Bon Jovi at a charity event.

Now, remember, Meghan Markle had requested for Taylor to be on her podcast.”

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Schofield pointed out that Meghan had made efforts to connect with Swift, including releasing through People magazine that she had attended one of Swift’s concerts.

“She wrote her a handwritten letter and Taylor’s team rejected it. Meghan also later released through People magazine that she had spent some time at a Taylor Swift concert.

So I think we are seeing our Taylor side with Team Wales here over the last few hours,” she concluded.

The event highlights a growing public alignment of Taylor Swift with Prince William and his family, further distancing Meghan from the high-profile celebrities she has sought to engage with.